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Lesson 6 – Dish & Financial Report & Financial Summary

If you wish to Password Protect your financial report page, turn on vendor settings password in vendor settings. See here for help Vendor Settings

Financial Report

You can navigate to the financial report from the left menu, you can export the report you require in up to 1 Month Increments. Here you can see every dish, its Net of Vat Price, Vat Due, Vat Rate and Total. You can also see the payment status, and whether or not it was paid or unpaid, how it was paid e.g. in app or outside of app. You can also see if the order was cancelled or refunded.

Here you can filter by the date, or refunded/cancelled orders.

When you click Export Report, your download may be blocked by a pop up blocker, please ensure you click the link in the popup blocker or unblock the popups and try again.

Here you can see in Google Chrome the download popup was blocked, clicking the link will download the export you require. Or you can choose to Always allow popups.

Financial Summary

In the Financial Report page, there is also a live Financial Summary

Total VAT Food is calculated using the vat rate you set per dish e.g. 5%, 0% etc

The same applies to VAT Drinks

Total Takings Minus Fees is what will be sent to your bank account

Dish Report

Here we can see the dish report, every dish / item or extra sold, and the total revenue for that dish. You can also export this report.

Updated on July 29, 2021

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